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“Dead World 2189” Album Released Oct 16, 2020

“Dead World 2189” is the second fully original full-length album and fourth non-single release for 2020.
The album’s dark cyberpunk theme takes place in the distant dystopian future that some may believe we are on the path towards.
Any similarities to current events with the theme this album uses is purely coincidental, the songs on the album were planned in Jan-Feb of 2020 and produced within the following months.

This album requires a $3.00 minimum (US currency).

Remember that every purchase will enjoy the various Bandcamp perks from being a paid supporter.

Thank you!!

PS: my music is stream safe. if you are a streamer who needs music to play during your streams, you are more than welcome to use mine.

released October 16, 2020

You can purchase the album through Bandcamp HERE
If you cannot buy from Bandcamp at the moment, please consider Following, Playing, and Saving the songs from the album through Spotify HERE